Golchha Group assembles 50,000 Bajaj motorcycles annually in Nepal

Hanshraj Hulaschand Pvt. Ltd. under , a big house in , is preparing to produce Bajaj motorcycle parts in Nepal.

In the near future, the company has started the homework of producing spare parts by bringing in foreign technicians.

Currently, Golchha Group is producing an assembly of Bajaj bikes. Abhimanyu Golchha, director of Golchha Group, said that more than 50,000 to 60,000 motorcycles are being produced annually through the industry in Nawalparasi.

“Currently, only assembling of motorcycles is being done by importing parts from abroad, due to which the price has not been reduced, but in the near future, we are preparing to ‘localize’ the necessary parts for motorcycles in Nepal by producing them in Nepal,” Golchha said.

He said that customers will be able to buy cheap motorcycles after the production of spare parts starts in Nepal and the existing services and spare parts will also be cheaper. Golchha Group is currently producing all Bajaj motorcycles in Nepal.

“All the products we have been selling and distributing in Nepal are being assembled in Nepal,” said Abhimanyu. “We have been producing motorcycles in Nepal for the past four years.”

Bajaj Bike Assembly Production in Nepal alone has provided direct to more than 200 . Currently, Golchha Group is producing Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 220 the most. Lately, Pulsar 150 has been taking the market with double dix rather than single dix.

Bajaj’s NS 200 is more among the younger generation, while the 220 Pulsar is more comfortable. Just a few weeks ago, the company had introduced Bajaj Dominar 250 in the Nepali market.

Director Golchha said that the demand pending in Kodi has not been met yet as the customer is attracted to two-wheelers after Kovid. He says that the price of Bajaj bikes is getting cheaper in Nepal due to its production in Nepal.

Even now, due to the production of Bajaj products in Nepal, the price has been getting cheaper by 2.5 percent.

Golchha Group has been selling not only Bajaj but also KTM motorcycles in Nepal. Director Golchha says that it is not possible to produce KTM bikes in Nepal in terms of and economy.

After Bajaj, TVS has also started producing motorcycles in Nepal since last year. Even though motorcycle assemblies are done in Nepal, the price has not decreased.

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