Lost TU Registration Card? How to get a new one

Almost everybody who graduates from faces a standard situation. Lost . When you go to the university to get a new TU Registration Card, you will find out that it is just not you but thousands of your fellow college mates who lose it and line up to get a .

So, you don’t have to panic! As we talked about earlier, it’s a widespread situation! You will discover that out when you go to Balkhu to get your copy of the registration card. And, it simply prices Rs. 200! You get a in an hour or so.

You have to go to Tribhuvan University “Parikshya Niyantran Karyalaya” | Office of Controller of Examinations, Balkhu to get a replica of your misplaced TU registration card.

You have to have the next with you:

  • Name (it’s better to hold your picture ID)
  • Address
  • College Name and Address
  • Registration from your mark sheet.
  • You have to pay NPR 200 to get a duplicate TU registration card.

They will situation your card instantly (on the same day).

Good luck!

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