Private Sector NOT showing Interest in Importing COVID Vaccine in Nepal

According to the Department of Drug Management, no one has applied for the permission of the private sector to import .

But a separate application was made for the registration of a made in Russia for emergency use, officials said.

Pharmacists who are trying to import the vaccine have said that another vaccine from India will also be allowed for emergency use and import.

When the schedule of the program was affected due to the inability of the government to bring more vaccines, the private sector was expected to bring in vaccines and that would help the vaccination campaign.

To that end, the government set a seven-day deadline for registering and importing vaccines approved by the World Health Organization for emergency use.

However, the government has extended the deadline by seven days as no one has shown interest within the deadline, said Santosh KC, information officer at the Department of Drug Management.

According to him, a vaccine registration application has been received for emergency use during the seven-day period.

The application was requested by disclosing the quantity and required to be supplied in each consignment.

Although there are about a dozen that can maintain the required temperature for storage of covid vaccine in , the businessmen said that they could not apply as the vaccine manufacturing was not sure to provide the vaccine.

Chairman of the Nepal Pharmaceutical Practitioners’ Association, Mrigendra Meyer Shrestha, said that the expectation of importing vaccines has increased as the Department of Drug Management has recently given permission for another vaccine produced in India.

Entrepreneurs say that it would be easier if all the vaccines approved by the World Health Organization for emergency use were also recognized in Nepal.

The government has made arrangements for the private sector to get up to 10 percent profit from vaccination by analyzing transportation, storage, and service charges.

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