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EditorApril 9, 2021

KATHMANDU, AUGUST 9 A total of 1,001 Nepalis returned home via six repatriation flights today. According to Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) evacuated 127 passengers from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and 261 passengers from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. NAC also evacuated one dead body from Jeddah. Meanwhile, Fly Dubai […]

EditorApril 6, 2021

If you keep switching smartphones, there’s a good chance you sold your old one to get a new one. If you follow a few basic steps, selling your old Android phone appears to be a simple and straightforward operation. However, if you are unfamiliar with the steps, we have outlined them for you. You could […]

EditorApril 5, 2021

Does your internet have an issue and you need to log into your router to fix it? The following steps should help you log into the router connected in your home network. Please not that the following steps will help you log into all the popular routers available in the market. Step 1: Go to […]

EditorApril 5, 2021

Without a working/business visa from the Department of Immigration, no foreigner can work in Nepal. A foreigner who wants to work in Nepal is given a working visa. In Nepal, there are four major laws that govern working visas. Immigration Act 2049 Immigration Rule 2051 Labor Act 2074 Labor Rule 2075 In order to obtain […]

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