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EditorMarch 29, 2021

The Telecommunication Authority of Nepal (TAN) has stated that it is trying to determine the appropriate frequency to prepare the basis for operating 5G services in Nepal. NEA chairperson Purushottam Khanal said that work would be started on the expansion of the technology after the National Frequency Policy Determination Committee headed by the Minister of […]

EditorMarch 22, 2021

Former US President Donald Trump will soon return to social media through a new platform, his adviser said. “I think we’ll see President Trump back on social media in two to three months,” Jason Miller told Fox News. Miller said the medium would be the most popular on social media and would “redefine” social media […]

EditorMarch 21, 2021

Elon Musk, CEO of US electric car company Tesla, has responded to China. Musk said on Saturday that the company would shut down in China if Tesla’s car was used for espionage. Musk was responding to reports that the Chinese military had banned Tesla cars from operating on its premises. Speaking at a virtual discussion […]

EditorMarch 21, 2021

The Garuda Mission project concept designed by Engineers at Open Rocketry And Space Society Nepal (ORASS-Nepal) has been selected to participate in SpacePort America Cup 2021. Watch the test flight video of the The Gaurda Rocket The rocket was estimated to reach 10,000 feet. The construction team, in collaboration with the Nepal Army, plans to […]

EditorMarch 21, 2021

YouTube is set to cut taxes on YouTube creators by up to 24 percent from next June. Along with this, it is said that there will be huge poverty in the revenue of YouTube. The new tax policy has disappointed YouTube creators. In particular, according to YouTube, YouTube creators outside the United States will have to […]

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